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International Speakers

Adolfo Uribe Poblete, MSc.

Lecturer - Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Licentiate in Engineering Sciences, Major on Industrial Engineering, PUC, Chile. Master of Science of Waste program Universität Stuttgart, Germany. Broad experience as Consulting Engineer in public policy development for the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy in Chile until this year. Currently working as coordinator and lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at the Universidad Autonoma de Chile, being Air Quality his main field of expertise. He will represent Latin America during the First International Symposium on Environmental Technology Development – Decades of Prevailing Trends with his conference:


“Improvements in the air quality and energy policy in Chile”

Gaurav Kedia, MSc.

Chair of the Indian Biogas Association

Gaurav Kedia is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology and from the MSc.  WASTE at the University of Stuttgart. After working for several years in Germany, he went back to his home country i.e., India to start his entrepreneurship journey. Apart from five companies founded by him, he even started "Indian Biogas Association", which is at present being chaired by him. He is actively working in Biogas, waste water and trading of machineries. His companies are mainly involved in innovation based products and projects. For him, apart from technical innovation - social and financial innovations are equally important. He is a recipient of several awards and also a guest faculty of Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad, which is India's number one management institute. His vision includes the eradication of social disparity with the help of technology. He will hold the following conference during the symposium:


“Biogas: A new trend towards the future of solid waste management”

Kristy Peña Muñoz, Dr. Eng.

Process Engineer at Cambi Group AS and Cambi Deutschland GmbH


Kristy is a Mexican Environmental Engineer and Scientist who actively promotes environmental projects with a multicultural and interdisciplinary touch. She has worked for Mexican, German and Norwegian companies as Environmental and Occupational & Health Engineer, WWTP designer and operator and Process Engineer. Kristy holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from UPIBI-IPN with a Master and PhD degree in Environmental Process and Anaerobic Digestion from University of Stuttgart under the WASTE and ENWAT programs. During her Master and PhD studies she held scholarships from DAAD-CONACYT, ICYT and Alexander von Humboldt. Nowadays, Kristy works at Cambi A.S. as Process Engineer with main focus on anaerobic digestion and thermal pre-treatment for sewage sludge and bio-waste. Kristy is also a founding member of “Red Global Mx - Capítulo Hessen” a NGO who networks Mexico with Germany for Science, Social, Political and Environmental exchange. She will be presenting the following conference:

"Sludge Management in Latin America Vs. in Europe"


Gilberto García, MSc.

Project Planner at Siemens Wind Power


Enthusiastic person that enjoys challenge and competences. With a background  in power engineering, Mr. Garcia enrolled in 2012 the international master degree WASTE - Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. By the end of the master degree, a deep and high understanding in matter of energy systems and process engineering was achieved. This educational milestone was concluded with a successful master thesis in the topic of Simulative comparison of thermochemical methods for synthesis gas production from biomass. After concluding studies at the University of Stuttgart, a good position opportunity as Quality Engineer at the Enlargement Project of the Panama Canal came up, allowing him to gain process development and execution of projects knowledge. After an intensive year performing that position, a new chance in the field of renewable energies appeared.  Then since May 2016 is Mr. Garcia actively performing as project planner in the On-Shore Wind Parks Sales and Execution project Team by Siemens Wind Power.  As project planner, is Mr. Garcia responsible for teamwork and projects' set-up considering the availability of resources and targets required for a high quality standard installation and commissioning of an on-shore wind park.


“Onshore Wind technologies: New developments and challenges”


Dr.-Ing. Daniela Neuffer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin - Lehrstuhl für Siedlungswasserwirtschaft und Wasserrecycling


Daniela Neuffer graduated as doctor of engineering at the University of Stuttgart in Civil- and Environmental Engineering in 2004. Following she went to Brazil to work in environmental projects in the area of water and wastewater process engineering. Since 2010 she is back in Germany and works as a scientist at the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management of the University of Stuttgart (ISWA).

She is the coordinator of the M.Sc. Program MAUI - Municipal and Industrial Environment of the University of Stuttgart in Germany, which is a program at the Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil. This program is the foreign part of the Master’s Double Degree Program with WASTE - Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.

She has over 15 years experience as professional engineering in wastewater, water supply and biogas technologies. Also she has profound experience in oversee research and consulting projects as well as projects in academic teaching in the area of environmental science. Dr. Neuffer will hold the following talk during the symposium:


“Development and challenges of wastewater treatment in Brazil”


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