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The International MSc. "Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering" (WASTE) Presents:

On behalf of the Organization Committee of the Third M.Sc. WASTE International Symposium, we are glad to present the central conference topics to be addressed by our International Speakers:


Air Quality Control/ Flue gas Cleaning – “Trending technologies and processes.”

.Solid Waste Process Engineering – “The future of Solid Waste Management.”

Waste Water Process Engineering – “A reached plateau or an evolving field?”

Dr. Gikas is an Associate Professor at the School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete and the director of the Laboratory of “Design of Environmental Processes”. His research interests are focused on municipal and industrial solid waste and wastewater management, focusing on the design of novel wastewater treatment processes with emphasis in low cost – low energy treatment processes, and water reclamation and reuse applications. He is also currently working on effective bio-solids management and on energy recovery from bio-solids and municipal solid waste, utilizing thermal or biological processes. His main research target is the development of an energy positive wastewater treatment plant.

Dr. Gikas is the author of more than 55 scientific articles, and has more than 120 conference presentations. He serves as associate editor for the "Journal of Environmental Management" and as a member of the editorial boards of the "British Journal of Environment and Climate Change", the "Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology" and "Water". He has participated as Leader Guest Editor in seven journals’ special issues.

International Conference: “Towards Energy Positive Wastewater Treatment Plants”

Dr. Petros Gikas – Director of Design of Environmental Processes Laboratory at the School of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Crete – Greece

Dr Abdelhay.png

Dr. Arwa Abdelhay – Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at German Jordanian University (GJU) – Jordan

Dr. Abdelhay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GJU since 2010. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Grenoble, and a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). Her teaching topics are related to water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control and solid waste management. She is currently Vice Dean of the School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management (SNREM).

Dr. Abdelhay has participated in several international capacity building projects related to Water Security, Waste Water and Waste Management, such as the “Waste to Positive Energy” international project funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zussamenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), related to Solid Waste Management in Jordan. She has also published more than 19 research papers in international indexed journals, is a member of the Scientific Research and Innovation Fund (SRISF) and served as an evaluator for the Jordan Environment Fund for grants applications in the area of Solid Waste Treatment and Management.

International Conference: “Advanced and Innovative Technology for Industrial Wastewater and Grey Water Treatment”


Dr. Hervé Boileau – Professor in the field of Sustainable Hospitality and Anaerobic Digestion at University Savoie Mont-Blanc (USMB) - France

Dr. Boileau is an Associate Professor of Process Engineering at USMB since 1992. He holds a Ph.D. (1988) from the same University, with a thesis on the subject of anaerobic digestion in fluidized beds. His teaching topics are solid waste treatment and management, biofuels, marine energy, carbon footprint calculations, and sustainable development. He is also involved in European International Student Exchange and Partnership programs (ERASMUS, TEMPUS) and manages Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility at Polytech Annecy-Chambéry.

His research is focused in the field of sustainable hospitality, managing the French side of the interregional Franco-Swiss transdisciplinary program CREnHOM, and anaerobic digestion. He developed and maintains a strong network of local small and mid-size companies in the field of waste treatment.

International Conference: “Practical aspects of Incineration and Biogas production from Solid Waste”


Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Gehrmann – Group Leader of Combustion Technology at the Institute for Technical Chemistry of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT-ITC) – Germany

Dr.-Ing. Gehrmann is the Group Leader of Combustion Technology at the KIT-ITC since 2006 and the Head of the Department for Aerosol and Particle Technology since the end of 2018. He holds a PhD from the Bauhaus University at Weimar on the topic of “Mathematical modeling and experimental studies on the pyrolysis of waste in rotary systems”. He also teaches the lectures of “Thermal Waste Treatment” and “Design of Thermal Waste Treatment Plants” at the University of Stuttgart since 2015.

His current research focuses on the characterization of the combustion behavior, including emissions from low grade fuels, in pulverized multi-fuel burners and grate systems. The topics include for example, the reduction of NOx emissions in pulverized fuel combustors by oscillation of fuel and/or secondary air injection, the characterization of combustion and emission behavior of mixed solid fuels in fixed bed combustors and development of mathematical models for fixed bed combustors, to name a few.

International Conference: “Chemical Recycling of Plastic Wastes”


Dr. Alexander Los – Researcher at Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) – Netherlands

Alexander Los is a researcher and expert in Urban Environment and Climate Change at IHS (EUR). He manages the MSc specialization course (UMD, UESC) at IHS where he teaches air quality, climate change and renewable energy related subjects. Before joining IHS he was responsible for the lecture programme and masterclasses of the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshows. Besides teaching Alexander contributes to CSEOL Citizen Science and Copernicus Incubation projects as subject matter expert. His experience in climate change, air quality and remote-sensing is built on a consequent combination of modelling and observations to study atmospheric photolysis rates, cloud-induced effects on solar radiation, solar resource forecasting and the Earth’s climate. Alexander obtained his PhD at the University of Utrecht in 2001. He worked as a post-doc researcher at the KNMI and as research associate at the TU Delft (GRS), The Netherlands. At Kipp & Zonen and as director at EKO Instruments Europe he developed scientific instruments for climate research and solar energy.

Enterprise Conference: “Understanding Air Pollution Urgencies by Enhanced Earth Observation and Citizens Sensing Capacities”

Hanich Ronny_5992.jpg

M.Sc. Ronny Hanich – Research Associate at Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) – Germany

Mr. Hanich is a Research Associate at Fraunhofer ICT since 2015 where he is currently working on his Ph.D. work in the field of chemical recycling of polyurethane materials. His MSc thesis was also completed at Fraunhofer on the subject of recycling of soft foam polyurethane from aircraft seats by glycolysis.

Currently, he leads and supports various projects in the institute such as the EU Urbanrec project, aiming to improve logistics and treatment of bulky waste by means of innovative and patented separating techniques, and EU Clean Sky II, meant to develop innovative technologies to cut aircraft emissions of CO2 and other gases, and reduce noise.

Enterprise Conference: “Waste Management and Circular Economy activities in Fraunhofer”

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